"Truth & Humor, Even in Fiction"

Margery Kisby Warder

Margery Kisby Warder is a Christian Author/Speaker who enjoys opportunities to weave together faith and humor. One favorite Bible verse, Ezra 7:10, summarizes her mission: to prepare her heart to study God's Word, to actively apply God's Word within her own life, and finally, to teach God's truths through opportunities that arise.
Most of her adult life, Margery's focus and schedule centered on her privileges and joys as a Christ-follower, the wife of her pastor/husband, and their children's mother. Although only Jesus Christ lived an earthly life perfectly, her desire remains to be as obedient to Him as she understands that to be. Earlier that meant sometimes working outside the home, including teaching students publicly and in church settings, and volunteering in church and community activities. She is a strong supporter of those who devote their lives and alter their careers to nurturing children. She, too, had to help her family live simply, but rejoices over many instances of seeing God demonstrate His awareness of their situations. She loves being with family and remembers her most creative years were spent caring for her little ones.
Now that her husband is retired and their children are busy with families and ministries of their own, Margery devotes more time to writing and to participating in a variety of events within area churches and community. As an author, she seeks to edify or to be a missionary to the reading world.

Leaves That Did Not Wither

Nineteenth century England and America provided ample opportunities to test one's character and faith. Affluence and deceit put Esther and Emanuel into a carriage headed for London. They step out, grateful to go their separate ways. Still, Aunt Emma notices something about Emanuel that might be worth remembering. Foes threaten life regardless of where it's lived, but foes waiting for Esther and Emanuel in Canning Town seem to have bigger clubs. Dare the couple cross the Atlantic to join families in America? 1858 becomes the eve of America's Civil War...

The Author

While living in Iowa, and turning 60 years young, Margery Kisby Warder cut her excuses for putting off writing by quitting her best paying job. She joined Christian Writers Guild and began having her articles featured in local newspapers. Margery then started writing her first historical fiction novel called "Leaves That Did Not Wither" and has since completed other books. Margery tries to balance her writing schedule with the rest of her life, but her computer could testify that there are usually a couple novels in process at any given time.

Lord God,
Open Your Word to me so I know You more fully;
Mold me so I continuously become increasingly obedient to Your truths;
Keep me silent and my pen stilled until my grasp of Your truths will glorify You.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.